Rylan's 1st Birthday Invite

Riiiight around the time I started thinking about my baby boy’s first birthday party, he started doing this awesome thing where we would ask him “How big is Rylan?” and then he’d put his hands all the way up and we’d say “SOOOO BIG!”  He loved it.  We loved it.  Friends and family loved it.  It made everyone laugh, including our big guy.  I knew I wanted to incorporate this idea, as well as the idea of him being a “so big” 1-year-old, into the party invitation.  Each month for his first year, I would hand-draw a chalkboard that marked his milestones and new things for the month… so I also wanted to do something hand-lettered.  I ended up drawing the entire invitation by hand.  We printed these folded invitations, which were 5” square, digitally on extra-thick cover stock.  The bright blue envelopes were hand-addressed as well.