What’s the deal with “Phoebe Street” Creative?
Great question… check out that story here.

Where are you located?  What if I’m not nearby?
The Phoebe Street Creative studio is in Encinitas, California.  BUT I work with clients all over the map.  We can always do meetings via email, phone or Skype, and I send PDF proofs via email.  And for printed invitations, everything will ship to you as soon as the final balance is paid in full.

Why should I choose Phoebe Street Creative?
Phoebe Street Creative is committed to:

  • Excellent design.  A Phoebe Street Creative design is one that has been carefully thought-out and executed.
  • Exceptional experience.  My ultimate goal is to produce something that you LOVE. I work with you every step of the way to define your goals and your vision, and to bring life to that vision.
  • High-quality results.  I pride myself in producing effective branding and beautiful invitations.


Why choose Phoebe Street Creative for my branding design?
Phoebe Street Creative is committed to excellent design, an exceptional experience, and high-quality results.  I work with clients to create effective branding solutions

How long does it take to create a logo & branding?
You can expect the branding process to take 4-6 weeks from start (initial consultation) to finish (handoff of new branding). For more info on my branding process, go here. Please keep in mind that I take a limited number of projects per month - contact me to discuss current availability. 

How much does a logo cost?
My branding packages start at $1200. For a more detailed description of branding packages and what they include, please contact me.

I have a sketch of what I want… can you use that?
I definitely encourage my branding clients to explore ideas and examples that inspire them as we prepare to brand (or re-brand). I will take into account any sketches that you provide, but I will also go through the process of designing several options for you... Because sometimes you end up absolutely loving something that you hadn't considered before.

I want letterhead and business cards too… can you do that?
Yes!  I can include letterhead, business cards, and any other marketing materials that you need in your branding package proposal.  Please contact me for an overview of branding packages and pricing, or to get started with a custom proposal.

What about a website?
Absolutely.  I handle the design of all websites in-house, and partner with a great web agency to make it all "work." Together, we create websites on the Wordpress platform that are cohesive with your branding, functional for your needs, and that have a user-friendly backend that allows for easy content modification and addition. We can accommodate advanced functionality and an integrated blog too... We'll just chat about your web needs during our initial meeting, and then I'll include custom web design and development in your branding package proposal.

What will I receive when we’re finished with my branding?
With my basic branding package, you will receive:

  • An original logo, including an abbreviated mark and any other formats you will need (watermark, mark + web address, etc)
  • Any calligraphy, hand-lettering, or custom illustration that is necessary to accomplish the look we're going for with your logo
  • Custom color-palette for your brand
  • Patterns or branding elements that you can use in your website design and marketing materials.
  • Style Guide (a PDF that outlines your logo & all its variations, as well as your typography, in order to keep your branding style cohesive across everything you do)

  • Transfer of copyright - After we are finished and your branding package is paid in full, I will hand over the "keys" to your new logo & branding, and you will own all final artwork.

  • When we are finished, I'll also mail you a flash drive with all of your final files along with swatches of your Pantone® colors - so you'll have all of your branding elements in one place.

Additional branding packages include business stationery design, social media design, website design, and marketing materials… and I can handle your printing as well.  Please contact me for more info on branding packages and pricing.

Wedding & Event

Why should I choose custom invitations?
Your event is one of a kind… your invitation should be too.  Working with a designer on a custom invitation ensures that your vision for your event will be translated onto paper and into the hands of your guests!

Why work with Phoebe Street Creative for my invitations?
Phoebe Street Creative is committed to excellent design, an exceptional experience, and high-quality results.  I work with my clients to create something that they LOVE!

How long do custom invitations take to design and print?
The entire process takes 2-3 months, depending on the complexity of your invitation suite and schedule availability.  More details on my wedding invitation process and timeframes here.  Please keep in mind that I take a limited number of projects per month - contact me to discuss current availability.

When should I send out my save the dates?

Save the dates should be sent out 6-8 months before your wedding date.  This will give your guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements to be a part of your big day.  If your celebration is a faraway destination or on a holiday weekend, aim for the 8-month mark to give your guests ample time to plan.

When should I send out my wedding invitations?
Traditionally, invitations go out 6-8 weeks before the wedding.  BUT make sure you allow plenty of time for the design process, plus time for printing!  I recommend allowing 3 months from the time you initially contact Phoebe Street Creative until the date your invitations are mailed out.  I do work with expedited timelines, but rushing is no fun for anyone – the earlier the better!

When should I send out my shower/ party invitations?
Shower and party invitations should be mailed out 3-6 weeks before the event.  My goal is always to have guest receive the invitations 4 weeks in advance, unless the event is far away for some guests or during a particularly busy time of year – then you might want to send them a little bit earlier to allow for your guests to plan.

How much do custom invitations cost?
Cost will vary with a number of factors including the number of elements, number of sets, printing method, embellishments (such as a bellyband or enclosure) and assembly.  A basic invitation package (which include a custom-designed invitation and RSVP card, blank outer envelope and blank RSVP envelope, flat-printed on thick, 100% cotton cover stock) start at $1000 for a quantity of 100.  For a more detailed pricing guide or to get started with a custom proposal, please contact me.

Will you help me with the wording?
I can help you craft your invitation wording to fit your style and the style of your event.  For some examples, check out my guide to wording.

I found a picture of an invitation online (or elsewhere) and I love it. Can you re-create it for me?
I ask all of my brides to put together a collection of images, textures, colors, etc that capture the mood and style of their big day (more on that here). I will use the look and feel that those images convey to create unique, custom designs just for you. I can't, however, simply re-create another designer's work... It wouldn't be fair to that designer, to the couple whose design it was, or to you! Your event will be unique and special... Your invitations should be too!

I want my menus/ programs/ table numbers to match my wedding invites…  Can you do that?
Absolutely!  I can create any day-of printed materials for you, so that your wedding has a  cohesive look and feel from start to finish.

Do you print in-house?
I don’t print in-house, but I partner with some incredible printers who do exceptional work.  This allows me to offer a full spectrum of printing methods to accommodate different budgets and styles without sacrificing quality.  

What printing method do you use?
I partner with several printers to offer a number of printing methods. I can do just about anything you can dream up... But the most common methods I deal with are digital, offset, letterpress, and foil stamping.  For more on these, check out my guide to printing processes.